Realizing Other People’s Dreams

Besides working full time, I love doing independent projects to realize other people’s dreams. I feel fulfilled every time I help people to realize their dreams.

Borobudur Universtiy First of all, in 2009, a new Dean of the Industrial Engineering Department of Borobudur University, a local Indonesia university, shared his dream that he wanted to improve the quality of courses, specifically by getting department curriculum accredited. I volunteered myself to assist the Dean to develop a new curriculum. Through a series of workshops with the Dean, professors, alumni, and the government agency representatives, I developed a new curriculum through vision and mission alignment, benchmarking with other universities, regulation analysis, and competency assessments. The curriculum was successfully accredited in 2010.  In addition, for a year, I taught some new courses such as business simulation.

Kedai Sambal Nusantara Secondly, my aunt, Dasna is a great home cook. She sold some food in front of her house. However, she had a dream that someday she could open her own restaurant. Using my own savings, I helped my aunt to realize her dream. My aunt and I worked together to develop a business plan to open a restaurant. The plan included a location plan, concepts, menu selection, people planning, and a financial forecast. By understanding my aunt’s competitive advantage and assessing market potential, we named our restaurant “Kedai Sambal Nusantara” (“Indonesia Chili Paste Restaurant”) that serves various chili pastes from all regions in Indonesia. Kedai Sambal Nusantara was opened in November 2010 with four employees. It ran smoothly and exceeded its target revenue within five months.

Tugu TirtaFinally, two of my friends and I shared the same vision to develop housing clusters for medium income people. We wanted to test our hypotheses that developing affordable and quality housing in strategic locations is feasible. We later successfully secured a partnership agreement with a land owner of 856 square meters of land in Depok, West Java, Indonesia. The team then developed a business plan for a housing cluster, “Tugu Tirta”, consisting of development, marketing, and financial plans. Moreover, all team members’ tasks were divided into land licensing and legal processes, marketing and finance, and project management. I was a team lead and project management lead. Furthermore, we hired an architect and a marketing agency, who helped the team create architectural drawings, a cluster site plan, and a marketing brochure. Finally, though the team delivered the marketing brochure and the legal and licensing processes on time, we discovered that we underestimated costs of land licensing and legal processes.  After a thorough analysis, we decided that the project was not feasible given that the proposed housing prices would not match the target customers’ price range in Depok. However, this experience reinforces my long term aspiration to transform the real estate industry in Indonesia.


Kalo denger kata farewell, saya teringat 3 hal :kumpul,tertawa,bersedih. Terakhir kali saya di-farewell-kan saat menjelang wisudaan oleh teman – teman asisten finansial. Tapi baru 2 hari setelah acara itu, saya baru tersadar bahwa saya..saya.. bener2 berpisah dengan mereka, saya  sendirian lagi…,saya melanjutkan mimpi saya…hidup yang berbeda… Errrrrr apa itu berarti telmi ya???


Tapi saya bukan orang yang menangis; menjadi formal; menjadi kaku di saat farewell. Karena bagi saya hidup pasti akan mengalami titik balik dan fase – fase. Setidaknya saat harus berpindah2 jenjang sekolah, kuliah, bekerja, pindah kerja, menikah, memiliki anak, pensiun, kita akan menghadapi hidup yang berbeda. Dan semua itu adalah kelanjutan dari hidup saja, karena hidup pasti bergerak. Tapi,,, begitu saya teringat teman – teman saya yang selama ini bersama saya, dan harus berpisah, itu yang membuat saya sedih (walaupun saya telat 2 hari buat ini). Heheheh


Jumat ini saya daiajak ke farewell teman saya, teman saya ini harus berpindah kerja, mengejar mimpinya di tempat yang berbeda. Dan dia, yang saya lihat, juga tidak bersedih;tidak formal;tidak kaku (ga tau deh kalo 2 hari lagi, atau errrr lebih :P). Kata – katanya yang saya ingat adalah, ayo kita hadapi masa depan se-blur apapun masa depan itu. Yup, kita memang ga pernah tau masa depan, jadi memang harus dihadapin,, mungkin itu yang buat dia tegar di waktu farewell-nya.


Bagi saya, apapun yang terjadi di depan nantinya, yang saya ingat adalah Tuhan telah memberikan sesuatu yang berharga buat kita, sesuatu itu adalah hidup. Kalau sesuatu itu berharga, maka pasti akan saya jaga,rawat,bahkan tingkatkan menjadi lebih berharga. Dan saya selalu percaya, salah satu yang meningkatkan kadar keberhargaan hidup saya  adalah teman – teman di sekitar saya. Teman saya kan mengatakan saya bersinar saat saya merasa tidak.


Take care Yu, anytime to see you again



YM Mode

Previously I commited myself not to open yahoo messenger during my project, but it’s broken already. That’s not because of my inconsistency but because of my sense of social(halaaaahhhhhh).

Once I didn’t open my YM or make it invisible, I was still anxious to my friends’ status (of course I want also to be noticed there hahahahahhaha, you bet..)

Even when I was in deadline (like these three days), I still open my YM with busy mode. Now I realize what Maslow means to Self-Esteem.


Try to upgrade myself into self actualization level ^^

Hari Sabtu,,

In the beginning, I promised myself to fill this blog everyday. Yup everyday..

then finally i realized just now. That I have a blog!!! hahahaha. Then, back to my history when i made this blog I know that it is not an honest thing,  I want a routine activities that fulfill my day. Then I realize that it is not the point…

Just now,  I will try to be honest of myself. It’s time to express my view, ny heart, my soul. Share anytihing positive and gain back from. Let’s makea better world, better day of ours. what a sentimental me…